Offering the next generation of superior residential care

Fully integrated and flexible range of care and support services which adapt as your needs change, delivered by some of the kindest people. Suitable for nearly all adults’ care and support needs. Our environment and facilities are award winning and rated as excellent and 5 star.

Welcome to Grosvenor House

We deliver a range of services mostly aimed at older people, who for all sorts of reasons need some help, care and support in their lives. By becoming part of the Grosvenor House community you can benefit from Long term residential care, Short term residential care, Nursing care, Advanced care, Respite care, Intermediate/ Re ablement care, Day care and carer support.

We can pick you up and you can join us for a few hours or indeed much longer. If you choose to be part of the Grosvenor House community we are always available to help out any way we can.

See all our Care Options

Living Well

A very flexible integrated support and care service which adapts as your needs change, delivered by some of the kindest people. Suitable for nearly all adults’ care and support needs. A very high quality award winning service which has been meeting the needs of people in the Gainsborough area.

Residential - Long Term

A superior, 5 Star, award winning environment, which not only supports a positive feeling of wellbeing for our residents, but one which inspires everybody. A service which is very highly rated by professionals and customers alike. Offering excellent outcomes to people with very many differing needs.

Day Care

A door to door service, our minibus “The Grosvenor Express” picks you up in the morning, a day spent catching up with friends, enjoying delicious home cooking, bathing and joining in with the day’s activities Upon safe arrival back at your home you will be accompanied back into your home.


A burst of Tender Loving Care, support & encouragement coupled to physical and mental reablement intended to deliver an outcome which allows independent living, sometimes supported with an amount of homecare. With the right support, a setback situation need not be a permanently life changing event. Grosvenor House delivers support that makes a big difference.

Residential - Short Term

A pre-bookable luxury room with en-suite wet-room shower; plus a French Door onto a private garden, perfect for planned short breaks. A reactive service which can meet your needs if an unexpected event occurs. Can be integrated into the “Living Well by Grosvenor House” programme along with other services such as Day or Home Care.

Home/Supported Living

Helping you enjoy living in your own home a tailor made service to suite your changing needs, starting from a single 15min visit to 3 or 4 times a day if required. Again this can be integrated into other parts of the Living Well Programme and combined with Day Care or short residential stays.

Gold Standard Framework

Grosvenor House has now four times been awarded the very prestigious National Standard, relating to the way we plan and deliver care for people in their latter stages of life. We are one of only a very small number of homes in England to have been four times awarded this standard.

This benchmark award insures that when you choose Grosvenor House, you are making the very best decision you can for you and your loved ones. You only need to visit Grosvenor House to see at first-hand how the whole of your family can benefit in so many ways. We plan ahead to ensure that the families very personal wishes are paramount in all that we do.

Let us make a positive difference

We understand that each and every resident has needs and expectations that are unique and are the basis of the life we aim to offer. Grosvenor House at the forefront of award winning care, relating to the later stages of life. Ensuring an individual’s most personal wishes are paramount. Supported by an extremely dedicated team of very compassionate people.

  East Stockwith, Gainsborough, DN21 3DL

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