Our journey back to you.

In light of the recent announcement from our prime minister, we have been gathering feedback from our residents, staff and our manager to discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding the process of reintroducing and redefining family visits, in the not so distant future.

There may be a long stepped road ahead of us, but Grosvenor House would like to be leading our journey on the path back towards normality. Which is why we have been taking the time to think about our possible plans to reopening our doors to you all. Safe step by safe step, as the safety and well being of our residents and staff will always be paramount.

We understand how difficult these recent weeks have been in terms of being unable to see your loved ones. Even though we have introduced the video calling sessions, these can never replace those special moments between you and your family.

We are currently taking brilliant steps to reduce the chance of Covid-19 coming into our home and protecting every member of The Grosvenor House Family will always be our main priority. This month alone we have completed 150 additional cleaning hours! Grosvenor House never sleeps!

Please see our “Road Map; Revision 1” on how we could reintroduce you all back into our home. As we have begun extending our garden facilities, we feel as though we are able to adhere to the current government guidelines and allow you to have access to our large, open outdoor space as it is a managed area with its own garden maintenance staff. All whilst controlling the virus by maintaining social distance and making conscious decisions.

We would love to hear what you think to our possible “road map” back to you and if you have any suggestions of your own please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling the home directly or emailing at hello@grosvenorcare.co.uk