Creating impactful experiences for all..

At Grosvenor House we pride ourselves on providing impactful, quality experiences for all our residents on a daily basis. This is why we have began using our IPad with our residents with the WeEngage project. This project aims to inspire creativity through person-centred care planning with the iPad. The model of WeEngage is designed around the individual at that given moment in time. Their current interests, hobbies imaginations can be captured at any moment and reflected right in front of them. We are able to create new experiences together through multiple art forms including; music, pottery, singing, poetry, design and sensory stimulation.

There are many benefits of the WeEngage model. For example;

• iPad technology can support and enhance an individuals ability which in turn empowers their self worth and esteem.
• Provides inclusion for all individuals as the model is specifically designed in a person-centred way.
• Inspires individual choices and interests.
• Engagement and participation
• Enhances communication
• Provides a new dimension to daily activities.

We are so excited to grow this model in our home and see what we create and achieve!


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