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Welcome to your July 2020 newsletter from Grosvenor House Care Home.

we have been gathering information from this past month to reflect on the feedback we have received and to capture what we have been doing. This month we have;

  • Logged 1228 activity care notes
  • Logged 165 1:1
  • Had 66 garden visits 
  • signed 12 staff members up to new training


Whilst some others have struggled to reintroduce visits with their families, we are pleased to say that we are now in our second phase and 5th week of managed garden visits, utilising our new and improved garden facilities. We have taken all of the necessary precautions and needles to say, the wellbeing of our residents has been paramount. The response to our revised visiting structure has been nothing short of amazing! Seeing the huge smiles on everyone’s faces, confirmed that we made the right decision in taking our first step out of lockdown.

Bring your pet to workday

Our lovely staff members Emma, Chris and Lucille brought in their equally lovely pets, Tommy the tortoise, Kenny & Angelica the rabbits and three giant African land snails. We had a brilliant time learning all about these lovely animals. Finding out things that we never knew before and getting to meet them up close!

We were able to hold and feel Tommy’s shell which our residents through was beautiful! The texture and colour fo his shell was a sensory experience in itself.

The giant African land snails were a huge hit! We were fascinated with the sheer size of their shells and the way they moved across their tank. We are looking forward to the next bring your pet to work day for more sensory experiences for our care home residents.