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Welcome to your October 2020 care home newsletter

Reporting on the latest news from Grosvenor House Care Home.

We have been gathering information from this past month to reflect on the feedback we have received and to capture what we have been doing. This month we have;

  • Logged 980 activity care notes
  • 6 members of our team are now trained in Train the Trainer for Moving and Positioning
  • Began our plans for indoor visiting
  • Received 112 garden visits!

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Cheese and Wine Tasting

Here at Grosvenor House, we love to be adventurous and try new things! So this time we transported ourselves over to Spain from the comfort of our green lounge! We sampled some Spanish wines alongside Spanish cheese and nibbles. Of course, this tasting afternoon wouldn’t be complete without a Spanish playlist to really get us in the Spanish mood.
We were able to try things that not everyone had tried before, such as sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil! These were such a big hit, they went down in no time!
Holidays may be off at the moment, but that won’t stop us bringing Spain to us!

Chick Update!

Our chickens are now 12 weeks old!

They spend their days exploring their pen and attempting to escape. Our 6 mini Houdini’s have had 2 new pens since moving outside as they are able to find the smallest of gaps to get out into the garden! Who can blame them though, our garden is lovely.
They continue to grow at such a rapid rate, we can hardly believe it and they still love to come indoors and have cuddles with everyone.

OMi Projector Fun!

Across the bed in front of him is a projection of the ocean, with brightly coloured fish, swimming and the sounds of the waves crashing fill the room. You can reach out and the fish dart away from your fingertips where you splash. A huge smile is spread across our faces as we enjoy this simple, but meaningful activity.
Our OMi projector is a portable projector which can be used in many different ways, whether that be in a group activity or 1:1, in a bedroom like here. It won the 2018 National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award and it truly deserved it! This piece of equipment enables us to create amazing moments like this one, all over our care home.