Awarded the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product!

The OMi Mobii is a portable projector which can be used on a tabletop, on the floor or even on someone’s bed meaning that this amazing piece of equipment is fully inclusive for everyone!

It has the ability to be used in a magnitude of ways from sensory scenes, quizzes, music and team games.

From the very first moment, we first used our OMi Projector the level of interaction was amazing!

“Wow! I feel like I could reach straight out and pick that starfish up!” Said one of our ladies as we explored the ocean which was spread out in front of our eyes. We watched as fish darted away from our fingers as we reached out and “splashed” the water.

With our Mobii projector we have been able to create some very special moments for our residents who have limited communication. Seeing their faces light up with wide eyes and smiles as they interact with the scenes in front of them is nothing short of magical.

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