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Welcome to your March 2021 care home newsletter.

Reporting on the latest news from Grosvenor House Care Home.


Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care



This month welcomes the start of a a great development at Grosvenor House. Two of our amazing team members Jess and Daisy have began their journey to become Nurse Associates with The Lincoln University. 

This incredible programme gives us the opportunity for our team as a whole to be supported by highly trained staff to ensure that we are always delivering the highest level of care!

After some extremely difficult weeks for our residents, staff and families we are finally starting to return to life as we once knew at Grosvenor House.

Jess and Daisy and gaining new knowledge each and everyday and are working closely with our nurses to develop their already brilliant skills to another level! 

We are extremely proud of them for the commitment and dedication and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for our newly trained Nurse Associates.

Hatching Eggs!

I’m sure everyone remembers our cute little chicks? Well they are approaching 8 months old now and provide us with an endless supply of the most tasty eggs! 

The experience of watching our chicks hatch and grow was so amazing we have decided to do it all over again! We will be having 10 more eggs come to our home for us to watch in awe as they hatch and will be keeping them for 2 weeks. After this time they will go to live on a free range farm (unless we give in and decide to keep them again!)

Our New Arrivals.

Our 3 Pygmy Goats arrived last month to come and join our Grosvenor House Family and we think it was the best decision we have ever made! In the short few weeks they have lived with us they have spent time in our home getting to know everyone and brightening our days as they run and jump around!

They are developing their own personalities and this is fantastic to watch. We are all helping to care for them, especially John B who is loving being involved in feeding and filling up their water! 

Our animals are such a huge part of our home and we encourage everyone who wants to, to spend time interacting and caring for them. 

Now the weather is improving we will be creating a space inside and outside the enclosure for everyone to be able to spend time in the garden admiring our new additions. 

So everyone, meet Billy, Gruff and Bonnie!