Friendly and approachable team


“I am the big one in the middle without any hair!  Firstly, let me say a great big huge ‘Hello’ to you!  Having been part of “Team Grosvenor” for nearly 35 years, I want to tell you how things have changed over the years.  

We are really excited to be celebrating 35 years of our neighbourhood community, and I would be really interested to find out how you think our services should evolve for the next 35 years. 

Please, if any aspect of what you have seen on our website or social media interests you, then get in touch and we really look forward to meeting you at Grosvenor House.”


“When I first came to work at Grosvenor House, I didn’t really know what to expect. Now, 8 years later having been involved with nearly every aspect of what makes Grosvenor House tick, I can say that this is a very special place with an amazing community spirit. 

I really hope to see you at Grosvenor House during your stay, and if you are a local person I am nearly certain we will have acquaintances in common! Two of my favourite occasions of the year are our Summer and Winter Great Get Togethers when lots of people who have all sorts of relationships with Grosvenor House come together and celebrate our community spirit. 

We are always looking to refresh our events so I would love to hear of any ideas you may have.”


“I have been a Registered Mental Nurse for many years and, as the Registered Manager of Grosvenor House, I can honestly say this is my perfect role. 

At the end of each day I know I have contributed at a high level to the well-being, care and support of not only of our clients, but also friends, family and the rest of the Grosvenor House team.

I have already been a key part on our road to continuous improvement, and if you think we can improve any aspects, please let me be the first to know.

Hopefully, see you soon.”