Why we do what we do

As we get older, we rely on our support network to help us out. But, for some, we need a little extra help. That’s where Grosvenor Care comes in.

Our core aim is to provide quality elderly care and comfort to our residents who are seeking support in their later years. Our little Grosvenor House society is a home away from home; with residents and day visitors, staff and volunteers, and regular family and friends.

Ever heard of Dunbar’s Number?

It’s a suggested cognitive limit to how many people one person can form relationships with. The magic number is 150 – which just happens to be the number of people our friendly community has to offer! With this number, our residents have ample opportunity to form friendships, acquaintances and support groups of their own choosing.

Our co-dependent Grosvenor House society has a gold level standard of outstanding elderly care and support for each other; with us all being teachers and students, coming together to create something truly special.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Person Centered Care

We assume very little and always go out of our way to find new and innovative ways to design and deliver care around individuals needs.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

A big supporting family

Many of our team have worked with us for over 20 years and many more for over 10 years, we are all part of the same big family who provide care and support for our friends and relatives.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Award winning care and facilities for all to enjoy

We are a Gold Standard care home and have four times been awarded the very prestigious National Standard, relating to the way we plan and deliver care for people in their latter stages of life.

How we do it

Outstanding help, care and support is our business, and our customers say we do it very well!

We have a well-motivated team of long-term, dedicated staff, who have grown and developed alongside our residents within our engaging environment.

We are community connected, with our Grosvenor House community well-embedded within the local community. In fact, we have a Parish Room at Grosvenor House where our village comes to get together, and residents can also vote at our in-house Polling Station. It’s important to us that our residents feel they have an independent, yet supported, time with us.

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We are always learning how to dance in the rain!

We embrace all the pleasures and joys that life has to offer, and we seek to share that with every resident in our care.

Once you become part of our community, we support you; no matter how much or how little you wish to be involved.As we rekindle the best aspects of local community life from days gone by, we also keep an eye on the future. We use the latest technology and staff training to ensure that our residents feel fully at home at Grosvenor House.

Sharing Your Golden Years – we help our residents enjoy those special moments together.

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I chose Grosvenor House for my Mum four years ago after viewing several other nursing homes in the area. I chose it because of the good ‘feel’ I got the first time I was shown around as well as the personal recommendations given by families of previous residents. At that point, I little realised how I would be embraced into the ‘Grosvenor family’! It became apparent that not only were Mum’s nursing and care needs well taken care of but that there was a huge amount of motivation and stimulation provided through the wide range of activities, many of which I am able to take part in too. Far too numerous to mention, these include sing songs, quizzes, holy communion, mental and physical motivation sessions, craft activities of many kinds and themed days to coincide with what is happening in the wider world; ‘wear it pink day’, the royal wedding, Christmas panto etc etc etc.

I have made friends with staff, residents and families of residents because of the ‘family feel’ of this great place and value the comment from senior management referencing facilities and services for residents that ‘this is their home’. My Mum’s increasing needs are met by a consistent care team who know and understand her specific needs and preferences and I am confident as she becomes more frail, that she is in the best  possible place receiving the best possible care. I thank you all.

Julie Smith

What we do

We deliver a range of services, mostly aimed at older people, who for all sorts of reasons need some help, elderly care and support in their lives. By becoming part of the Grosvenor House community, you can benefit from:

  • long term residential care,
  • short term residential care,
  • nursing care,
  • advanced care,
  • respite care,
  • intermediate/ re enablement care,
  • daycare and carer support.

When you choose Grosvenor House, you can rest assured that our care and support will be able to meet your needs, no matter what comes your way.

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Residential Care

Grosvenor Care provides a 5 Star, award-winning environment, which not only supports a positive feeling of well-being for our residents, but one which inspires everybody to find their own path.

A service which is very highly rated by professionals and customers alike, we offer excellent solutions to people with very many differing needs. Short-term stays are also pre-bookable.

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Grosvenor House Care Home | Recreation

Day Care

We offer a door to door service, with our minibus “The Grosvenor Express” picking you up in the morning. You can then spend a day catching up with friends, enjoying delicious home cooking, and joining in with the day’s activities.

Upon safe arrival back at your home, you will be accompanied inside, and we will check everything is fine before we leave.

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Reablement | Grosvenor Care Home


Our re-ablement service offers support and encouragement, coupled with physical and mental development. Our support will help you to continue your independent living, with support from our homecare service.

With the right support, a setback situation need not be a permanently life-changing event. Grosvenor House delivers support that makes a big difference to your life.

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Supported living

To help you enjoy living in your own home, we offer a tailor made service to suit your changing needs, starting from a single 15 minute visit, up to 3 or 4 times a day if required.

This can also be integrated into other parts of the Living Well Programme and combined with Day Care or short residential stays.

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How does Grosvenor House meet my care and support needs?

Firstly our care is person centred, that means we do not ask people to fit into our systems, we design our planning and delivery around you, you will see lots of ways in which our care and support follows the very best practice be that in how the day runs; meal times and drinks; wellbeing; active ageing etc. 

“We really appreciate the love and care you all give to Mum, Grosvenor House really is a home “A big pat on the back and Thank you to all”

“Could not have been better supported (me), nor better cared for (Mum)”

“Such tremendous kindness given”

We invest in the very latest care planning and daily records systems.  Not only does this ensure we deliver the best service we can, it is also a great quality control and quality assurance system so that we absolutely minimise the times when we are not functioning at our very best.

Is the home Accessible and Inclusive?

Grosvenor House is really easy to get to; we are about 3 miles north of Gainsborough adjacent to the River Trent. Car parking is not a problem nor is cycle parking.  You can also ring Call Connect Bus West Lindsey on 0345 234 33 44 to arrange transport; there is also a bus service, bus 61 Susworth to Gainsborough. Grosvenor House also has its own minibus “The Grosvenor Express” with wheelchair tail lift which is available for all manner of journeys.  

We design our services around our clients; we can meet the needs of nearly all people with older age-related support and care requirements.

Tell me about Grosvenor Houses’ Staff?

This is what our existing clients say about our Staff “Excellent care and kindness given by all the Staff, cannot speak highly enough of Grosvenor House”

“Wonderful I would recommend Grosvenor House to anyone, could not wish for a better Home”

“The staff are always very good and make you feel welcome”

“Staff are polite and professional and adopt a person-centred approach to all individuals”

“Staff are all great”

We utilise sector leading training and all our Staff are fully trained in every aspect of their work.

When you visit Grosvenor House why not ask our Staff why they like working here, and why they stick around for such a long time.

What are the fees and how does the administration work?

Grosvenor House care passionately that you receive the most suitable service to meet your needs.  We do have a contract which is very fair and up to date. In fact whilst we often have a waiting list for our rooms we only ask for 1 weeks’ notice if you choose to make alternative arrangements, this is virtually unique within our sector who mostly ask for 4-6 weeks notice.

We would request that you pay your bills electronically or through Standing Order or alternative transfer systems.  We do also have a credit/debit card system for smaller amounts.

We have a friendly admin team who will deal with any queries you may have “Very good Management and Administration team”

Our fees are competitive and depend upon the care and support needed and the client room chosen.  Grosvenor House will always look to help you gain any financial entitlement you may be due to help you with your fees such as Continuing Health Care; Attendance Allowance etc.

What are the Environment and Facilities like?

Grosvenor House has some of the most interesting, enjoyable and unique aspects that you will find in any care home within our area.  100% of our clients’ surveys rate our environment either Very Satisfactory or Satisfactory, and most people rate it Very Satisfactory by a long way.  “ A lovely home” you can see lots of pictures of Grosvenor House on our website, but it is far far better to come and see it for yourself we think you will be very very impressed.

What other things might I need to know?

At Grosvenor House our Residents and Day Care people are always encouraged to be as independent as they could possibly be, to make their own decisions about every aspect of their life, and to always feel in control.  We go out of our way to always listen first before acting; we get our cues from you.

We absolutely do everything we can to encourage visitors and to make their visit as enjoyable as possible; in fact we have our very own Coffee rooms where you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee (or indeed many other different drinks are also on offer) to your taste, in what can only be described as inspiring surroundings.

Prior to visiting Grosvenor House which we very much hope you do you may like to download Age UK Care Home Checklist to help you make an informed decision;