Fully integrated and flexible range of care and support services

Tailor-made personalised elderly care

Living Well by Grosvenor House offers a fully integrated and flexible range of care and support services, with personalised care at its very core. We can meet the needs of nearly all adults, whether they be of a physical, mental, social, nursing or caring nature.

The benefits of our living well range of services widespread, meaning if you just need a day a week being picked up and enjoying meals, bathing and social activities, or a longer stay with us, Grosvenor House is just the ticket.

Improving the quality of your life

A week’s respite care in our luxury short stay room could be just what you need. Our reablement packages of care can help following a setback event, or if needed, a residential long stay to deal with complex needs, and even nursing interventions.

At the core of our beliefs is Active Ageing – engaging our residents mentally, physically, socially and emotionally, with positive stimulation.

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Person Centered Care

We assume very little and always go out of our way to find new and innovative ways to design and deliver care around individuals needs.

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Award winning care and facilities for all to enjoy

We are a Gold Standard care home and have four times been awarded the very prestigious National Standard, relating to the way we plan and deliver care for people in their latter stages of life.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Unique facilities

From our Whitby Spa, Butterfly Tearooms, Parish Coffee Rooms and gardens there is an endless list of unique facilities and activities for all.

Got a question? Perhaps these will help.

What are the fees and how does the administration work?

Grosvenor House care passionately that you receive the most suitable service to meet your needs.  We do have a contract which is very fair and up to date. In fact whilst we often have a waiting list for our rooms we only ask for 1 weeks’ notice if you choose to make alternative arrangements, this is virtually unique within our sector who mostly ask for 4-6 weeks notice.

We would request that you pay your bills electronically or through Standing Order or alternative transfer systems.  We do also have a credit/debit card system for smaller amounts.

We have a friendly admin team who will deal with any queries you may have “Very good Management and Administration team”

Our fees are competitive and depend upon the care and support needed and the client room chosen.  Grosvenor House will always look to help you gain any financial entitlement you may be due to help you with your fees such as Continuing Health Care; Attendance Allowance etc.

What are the Environment and Facilities like?

Grosvenor House has some of the most interesting, enjoyable and unique aspects that you will find in any care home within our area.  100% of our clients’ surveys rate our environment either Very Satisfactory or Satisfactory, and most people rate it Very Satisfactory by a long way.  “ A lovely home” you can see lots of pictures of Grosvenor House on our website, but it is far far better to come and see it for yourself we think you will be very very impressed.

Tell me about Grosvenor Houses’ Staff?

This is what our existing clients say about our Staff “Excellent care and kindness given by all the Staff, cannot speak highly enough of Grosvenor House”

“Wonderful I would recommend Grosvenor House to anyone, could not wish for a better Home”

“The staff are always very good and make you feel welcome”

“Staff are polite and professional and adopt a person-centred approach to all individuals”

“Staff are all great”

We utilise sector leading training and all our Staff are fully trained in every aspect of their work.

When you visit Grosvenor House why not ask our Staff why they like working here, and why they stick around for such a long time.

Quote graphic

We feel the need to tell everybody about the exceptional care our sister Grace is enjoying at Grosvenor House. We cannot emphasise enough how all the stresses and strains of the last few years have been forgotten since Grace became a member of the Grosvenor House family. Every time we or other family members come to visit her she seems somehow to have regained all the fun, laughter, singing and dancing of her yesteryears, there is real warmth and compassion in this home. Our sister has made so many new friends in the Grosvenor House community; we have to laugh when she tells us she cannot stop and gossip all day as she has got friends to see. It is the whole team at Grosvenor House that have made Grace’s later life so enjoyable. We cannot even to start to count how many times the staff have gone that extra mile, for Grace and the whole of her family. Grosvenor House is just a lovely experience for everybody!

Jenny and Colin