Providing you the best quality of care

Grosvenor House offers our high standard of services by partnering with another CQC registered provider with suitable registration. By collaborating with others, Grosvenor House can offer a collective approach to give you a seamless experience.

We have all the time in the world for you

As part of our Living Well programme, we offer a range of services delivered to you in your home. It may be that a ‘wakey wakey’ 15-minute morning call is all that you require, or perhaps help with shopping, gardening, house chores, paying bills, or dealing with day to day living is all the support needed.

Maybe assistance with social aspects such as a walk in the park or an assisted visit to shops or the bank would make a big difference. Some people need a lot more help and multiple visits a day ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours. No matter what you need, Grosvenor Care is in hand to help.

With technology on hand, you’re never alone

We can even arrange for some clever technology to be installed in your home so help is at hand with the touch of a button, or even automatically when an unexpected movement pattern occurs.

We can spend time rearranging your home so it adapts better to your needs. Our services are actually referred to as ‘Person-Centred Care’ as always design a service delivery around your needs and wants.

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Thank you all for how fabulously you treated my father. Stuart was with you not much more than a year, but it felt so much longer to me, and I think of Grosvenor House as his home – as I know he did. Having been somewhat reluctant to be a resident to start with – to say the least, Stuart soon felt loved and respected.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you all for making his time with you so enjoyable, and for providing a level of dignity, even during the hardest of times, which has left me and I am sure, Stuart, with fond memories. It still seems strange on a drive over to Gainsborough, not to be popping in, where I was always guaranteed a warm welcome and a mug of tea. I think the level of care you provided Stuart with was fabulous.  He was treated as an individual and I know he appreciated that.

Stuart could be stubborn and offensive, and often went out of his way to be so – he certainly would not apologise for it, but you seemed to understand his “ways” and whilst dodging the punches, accepted him with good humour!  I cannot thank you enough. All your professionalism and heartfelt care has resulted in turning what could have been an awful, painful year, into a peaceful, stress-free one. I am so glad we found Grosvenor House for Stuart.  The fact I have a smile on my face when I remember the time spent there, considering how unwell he was, rather than feelings of sadness, shows us how well he was looked after, and led to him feeling safe and happy so quickly.

Thanks for looking after my Dad so well – I will always remember your kindness


Our home or yours?

When Grosvenor House partners with a regulated home care provider it enables us to provide a better service all round, which is particularly beneficial for people who have needs that are in a state of flux.

Perhaps you’re transitioning from needing intermediate care and returning to home. Spending a few days at Grosvenor House and the nights back in your own home or vice versa can help rehabilitate you quickly.

We design our service delivery around your needs and wants; this is referred to as Person-Centred Care.  Grosvenor House never expects you to align with our offering; in fact, it’s the opposite, and we always take our steer direct from our clients.


Who can remember our chicks we hatched a whole year ago!

Well here’s one of them all grown up!

Lauren is holding one of our free range chickens, which we have watched right from the egg in one hand and one of our 3 day old chicks in the other!

We have been able to enjoy the magic of watching new life begin with our hatching eggs this week which has been amazing!

We just can’t believe how quickly they change from fluffy chicks to the noisy chickens!

If you would like to read more about our pets then head to our website!
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We are having a very happy Easter thanks to SIS Facades Ltd! They kindly gifted enough Easter Eggs for each of our residents and we can not wait to crack them open!

A huge Thankyou from the entire Grosvenor House Family!
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🏆 Grosvenor House Awards 2021 🏆

Yesterday we celebrated each and everyone of our Grosvenor House Family for all that they are yesterday, and we had the best day!

We are so proud of our team and they truly deserve all the recognition in the world for all that they do every single day.

Go Team Grosvenor!
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Let’s talk technology!

The OMi Mobii is a portable projector which can be used on a tabletop, on the floor or even on someone’s bed meaning that this amazing piece of equipment is fully inclusive for everyone!

It has the ability to be used in a magnitude of ways from sensory scenes, quizzes, music and team games.

From the very first moment, we first used our OMi Projector the level of interaction was amazing!

“Wow! I feel like I could reach straight out and pick that starfish up!” Said one of our ladies as we explored the ocean which was spread out in front of our eyes. We watched as fish darted away from our fingers as we reached out and “splashed” the water.

With our Mobii projector we have been able to create some very special moments for our residents who have limited communication. Seeing their faces light up with wide eyes and smiles as they interact with the scenes in front of them is nothing short of magical.
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