Delicious Food and Drink

We are one of the very few homes locally to still provide fresh homemade meals daily!

Enjoying meals is a very important aspect of living well for so many of us, particularly when it is social, nutritious, balanced and a fun time for all.  Our food is freshly sourced, then prepared and cooked on our premises.

We are all very proud of being able to provide some of the best drinks and meals you will find in a local health/social care environment.  Our roast joints are top-notch, and in fact, many of our staff also enjoy a meal along with our residents.

Great choice

There is a huge choice of different meals and food on offer at Grosvenor House and, if you have a particular favourite, we will get that in for you. If it’s a special or celebratory meal with your friends or family, we can offer you a really nice private dining experience in our coffee shop/bistro.

We not only go the extra mile with our food and meals, our drinks are somewhat special as well! We stock freshly Brita filtered and chilled sparkling and still water from a Zip flowing tap, with your choice of cordials. And what about our state-of-the-art bean to cup hot drinks, with a barista-style touch screen machine?

Our delicious food and wonderful drinks features and benefits

  • Nutritious, freshly prepared home cooked meals
  • Special dietary needs catered for, including vegetarian, fortified, diabetic, gluten free, and allergy specific 
  • Family and friends are welcome to join you for a meal
  • Bistro area for private dining
  • Drinks and snacks available throughout the day
  • A wide menu, often refreshed with lots of input from our residents
  • All of this delivered by a team of people who really go the extra mile
Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Unique facilities

From our Whitby Spa, Butterfly Tearooms, Parish Coffee Rooms and gardens there is an endless list of unique facilities and activities for all.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

Award winning care and facilities for all to enjoy

We are a Gold Standard care home and have four times been awarded the very prestigious National Standard, relating to the way we plan and deliver care for people in their latter stages of life.

Care Home Gainsborough | Grosvenor Care

35 years of service

Grosvenor House is a single care home and daycare resource which is still operated by its original founders today.