Living Well

Living Well by Grosvenor House is a fully integrated and flexible range of care and support services, with Personalised Care at its very core.

Gold Standard Framework

Gold Standard Framework is the highest level of advanced and anticipatory care planning, with your personal wishes paramount in all we do.

Day Care

Our door-to-door service, via our minibus ‘The Grosvenor Express’, picks you up in the morning for a day spent catching up with friends, enjoying delicious home cooking, bathing and joining in with the day’s activities. Upon safe arrival at the end of your stay, you will be accompanied back into your home and we will check everything is fine before we leave.

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Intermediate & reablement care

Support and encouragement coupled with physical and mental reablement intended to allow independent living, sometimes supported with additional homecare. With the right support, a setback situation need not be a permanently life-changing event. Grosvenor House delivers support that makes a big difference.

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Short-term residential care

A superior, 5 Star, and award-winning environment, which not only supports a positive feeling of well-being for our residents but one which inspires everybody. Our services are very highly rated by professionals and customers alike. Offering excellent outcomes to people with very many differing needs, with short-term stays pre-bookable.

Long-term residential care

For some people, there reaches a point in their lives when longer-term residential care is the only sensible way forward. We offer a wide range of support and care services, be that for physical, mental, emotional or social reasons. Whether your needs range from complex nursing, failing memory or just somebody to look out for you, we have the perfect service.

Home care and supported living

Helping you enjoy living in your own home, we offer a tailor-made service to suit your changing needs, starting from a single 15 min visit, and progressing to 3 or 4 times a day if required. This can be integrated into other parts of the Living Well Programme and combined with Day Care or short residential stays.

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Nursing Care

Nursing Care is for people who need a qualified and registered Nursing care team available to them 24 hours a day. Grosvenor House has a wonderful team of expert and qualified nurses with over 100 years of combined experience in the NHS and Social Care.

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“Grosvenor must surely set the standard for how all care homes should be run.

The highest praise to you and all at the highest recommendation for Grosvenor Care Home.  We will certainly be spreading the word….the best home within 30miles of Gainsborough (we know we researched it at length)”

Children of Mr Smith

“Having one option leaves you with no choice, have 2 options is a dilemma but having 3 options gives you choice.”

Being free to make your own choices is so important to maintain our skills and promote independance amongst people of all ages!

With this in mind, this week we introduced our “Grosvenor Express” We filled a shopping trolley to the brim with a variety of things from shampoo to brioche, to nail varnish to pot noodles! All of the things our residents said that they loved.

Each week we will take the Grosvenor Express round to everyone for them to make their own choice of things that they need, or simply just fancy!

The first week went down a treat judging by the empty trolley at the end of the day!
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Due to the most recent update from the Government on Monday 14th September we have decided to implement a few changes to the visiting rules.

As of Wednesday 16th September the following changes will be in place;

🔶 You will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of your visit.

🔶 3 visitors are able to attend a visit however they must only be from 2 households.

🔶 Children will count in the number of 3 visitors.

🔶 You must adhere to social distancing at all times.

🔶 Chairs will be arranged in a way to ensure this distancing is adhered to.

Finally, we would like to thankyou for your continued cooperation throughout!

As always we look forward to seeing you! 😁
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A homely environment is incredibly important to not only help our families feel comfortable and “right at home” but also to give a sense of community, which is paramount to improving the quality of care, and therefore the quality of life.

Here is our recently transformed Blue Lounge in all its glory. Tastefully decorated with soft blues and greys, which instantly give a calming feel the second you walk in!

What do you think to our dining area in our Blue Lounge? 🌊
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“Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is essential as fuel for the mind!”

This is something we definitely live by here at Grosvenor House! Not only do we freshly prepare ALL of our homemade meals every day, we also believe it is important to open up all of our senses with a variety of different textures, smells and tastes!

This week we brought France to Grosvenor House in the form of wine, cheese, nibbles and music!

Judging by the empty bottles, clean plates and big smiles, we all had a lovely afternoon!
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🟪 Happiness day

🟪 Pizza making 🍕

🟪 Reminisance with photographs and memories

🟪 National Icecream day 🍦

🟪 Make our own dream catchers for Native American Day

and many more activities daily!
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Tell me about Grosvenor Houses’ Staff?

This is what our existing clients say about our Staff “Excellent care and kindness given by all the Staff, cannot speak highly enough of Grosvenor House”

“Wonderful I would recommend Grosvenor House to anyone, could not wish for a better Home”

“The staff are always very good and make you feel welcome”

“Staff are polite and professional and adopt a person-centred approach to all individuals”

“Staff are all great”

We utilise sector leading training and all our Staff are fully trained in every aspect of their work.

When you visit Grosvenor House why not ask our Staff why they like working here, and why they stick around for such a long time.

Is the home Accessible and Inclusive?

Grosvenor House is really easy to get to; we are about 3 miles north of Gainsborough adjacent to the River Trent. Car parking is not a problem nor is cycle parking.  You can also ring Call Connect Bus West Lindsey on 0345 234 33 44 to arrange transport; there is also a bus service, bus 61 Susworth to Gainsborough. Grosvenor House also has its own minibus “The Grosvenor Express” with wheelchair tail lift which is available for all manner of journeys.  

We design our services around our clients; we can meet the needs of nearly all people with older age-related support and care requirements.

What are the Environment and Facilities like?

Grosvenor House has some of the most interesting, enjoyable and unique aspects that you will find in any care home within our area.  100% of our clients’ surveys rate our environment either Very Satisfactory or Satisfactory, and most people rate it Very Satisfactory by a long way.  “ A lovely home” you can see lots of pictures of Grosvenor House on our website, but it is far far better to come and see it for yourself we think you will be very very impressed.