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Socially Distant Care Home | Grosvenor House

Short-term residential care

This is often referred to as respite care and it may be planned well in advance to coincide with the main carers holidays, or indeed be responsive to an unexpected event. You will receive an excellent level of care in an en-suite room of your own.

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Grosvenor House Care Home | Excellent facilities

Long-term residential care

For some people there reaches a point in their lives when longer-term residential care is the only sensible way forward, giving the maximum amount of support and care, be that for physical, mental, emotional or social reasons.

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Ball Play | Grosvenor House

Supported living and home care

Helping you enjoy living in your own home, this tailor-made service is designed to suit your changing needs, starting from a single short visit to 3 or 4 times a day if required. This can be integrated into other parts of our Living Well Programme.

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Grosvenor House Care Home | Nursing staff

Elderly Day Care

A door to door service, our minibus “The Grosvenor Express” will pick you up in the morning, you can spend a day catching up with friends, enjoying delicious home cooking, bathing in our exceptional facilities and joining in with the day’s activities.

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Reablement | Grosvenor Care Home

Intermediate & reablement care

A burst of tender loving care, support & encouragement coupled with physical and mental reablement and nursing care. Intended to deliver an outcome which allows independent living, sometimes supported with an amount of homecare support.

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Gainsborough’s number one rated care home

As verified by, Grosvenor House care home has received the most independent reviews of any care home in the area and score 9.8/10 on the satisfaction scale.

We firmly believe that our care home provides some of the best facilities in the area. We have a schedule packed full of activities along with our Whitby Spa and hydrotherapy available to all residents.

Our passion and dedication to make living at Grosvenor House a fun, friendly and healthy home from home contribute to our back-to-back National Standard award, which we have now been awarded four years in a row.


Our National Standard Award
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I would like to thank all of you at Grosvenor House for the care, kindness and compassion given not only to Mum but also to me over the past two and a half years and more especially in the last 3 very difficult weeks. I do not know how you all do what you do day after day and with often little thanks. I am so very grateful to you all more than you will ever know and it is only with all your support I have been able to get through this.

Thank you all once again.


Care Home Embedded In The Community

We are a hub of activity for the local area, our on-site coffee shop is the perfect meet and greet for all young and old. We believe in transparency and wellbeing meaning our care home is totally accessible for all.

Residents, staff, family and friends all come together in a life-enhancing collective. Due to our large grounds, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been one of the few care homes that have been able to continue with secure visitations which have been a miracle for our residents and their families.

Activities, wellbeing and experiences

Here at Grovesnor House, while we offer an exceptional level of nursing care, our priority is always wellbeing and experiences.

We pride ourselves on achieving the best mental wellbeing for our residents, one of the way this is provided is from our very own Jukebox!

“This thing is mesmerising, it takes me straight back to my heydays in the 1960s”

Our residents can now choose their favourite music to add to the Jukebox, to share with each other. When we have exhausted the thousand-odd tracks on the CD’s we only have to say “Hey Alexa” to access 15 million more tracks!

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How does Grosvenor House meet my care and support needs?

Firstly our care is person centred, that means we do not ask people to fit into our systems, we design our planning and delivery around you, you will see lots of ways in which our care and support follows the very best practice be that in how the day runs; meal times and drinks; wellbeing; active ageing etc. 

“We really appreciate the love and care you all give to Mum, Grosvenor House really is a home “A big pat on the back and Thank you to all”

“Could not have been better supported (me), nor better cared for (Mum)”

“Such tremendous kindness given”

We invest in the very latest care planning and daily records systems.  Not only does this ensure we deliver the best service we can, it is also a great quality control and quality assurance system so that we absolutely minimise the times when we are not functioning at our very best.

Is the home Accessible and Inclusive?

Grosvenor House is really easy to get to; we are about 3 miles north of Gainsborough adjacent to the River Trent. Car parking is not a problem nor is cycle parking.  You can also ring Call Connect Bus West Lindsey on 0345 234 33 44 to arrange transport; there is also a bus service, bus 61 Susworth to Gainsborough. Grosvenor House also has its own minibus “The Grosvenor Express” with wheelchair tail lift which is available for all manner of journeys.  

We design our services around our clients; we can meet the needs of nearly all people with older age-related support and care requirements.

What are the fees and how does the administration work?

Grosvenor House care passionately that you receive the most suitable service to meet your needs.  We do have a contract which is very fair and up to date. In fact whilst we often have a waiting list for our rooms we only ask for 1 weeks’ notice if you choose to make alternative arrangements, this is virtually unique within our sector who mostly ask for 4-6 weeks notice.

We would request that you pay your bills electronically or through Standing Order or alternative transfer systems.  We do also have a credit/debit card system for smaller amounts.

We have a friendly admin team who will deal with any queries you may have “Very good Management and Administration team”

Our fees are competitive and depend upon the care and support needed and the client room chosen.  Grosvenor House will always look to help you gain any financial entitlement you may be due to help you with your fees such as Continuing Health Care; Attendance Allowance etc.